Levels of Service

With McLean eBASIS you can build a quality improvement program with the confidence needed in measurement results. McLean eBASIS enables you to use the nationally recognized BASIS® surveys, and other reliable quality measures, including the Perceptions of Care survey and psychiatric core measure reporting capabilities, to build a comprehensive and meaningful outcomes measurement and quality improvement program.

McLean eBASIS provides the information needed to:

  • Evaluate program and clinical effectiveness from the patient perspective
  • See how your facility compares to other facilities
  • Improve feedback to clinicians and administrators
  • Strengthen patient and consumer relationships
  • Target areas of care for quality improvement efforts
  • Make decisions about program structure and content, staff training, and clinical care
  • Improve overall organizational effectiveness and clinical effectiveness
  • Transmit core indicators to The Joint Commission and CMS
  • Deliver high quality behavioral and psychiatric health care to the community you serve

McLean eBASIS offers different service levels for all our products and services to meet the unique processing and reporting needs of heath care organizations.

Product/Service Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
BASIS-24® Survey License BASIS-24® WebScore BASIS-24® Quarterly Reports NA
BASIS-32® Survey License NA BASIS-32® Quarterly Reports NA
PoC-IP NA PoC-IP WebScore PoC-IP Quarterly Reports NA
PoC-OP NA PoC-OP WebScore PoC-OP Quarterly Reports NA
  • Online Data Collection & Submission Module
  • HBIPS Quarterly Reports
The Joint Commission/CMS
Consulting We offer consulting for all service levels and products/services. If your organization needs additional training, help examining processes, or any further assistance, we are available to provide custom services through webinars, on-site visits, and in person meetings.

Survey License

As the copyright holder of BASIS-24® and BASIS-32®, McLean Hospital offers an annual site license for psychiatric and mental health providers and organizations. The annual fee for an end-user site license is based on the number of locations at which the BASIS® survey will be administered.The annual fee for using the survey is $395 for the first location and $95 for each additional location. Large organizations with greater than 20 sites should contact us for special licensing and rates.

All BASIS® users are required to sign a license agreement, which is made available to you during preregistration.


WebScore, the optional online scoring and reporting application, allows your staff to easily enter data into a database. Organizations may also choose patient direct entry where staff assists patients to enter the survey into the database themselves using a tablet PC or iPad. The WebScore annual fee is based on the estimated number of surveys to be entered into the online application for one year and McLean eBASIS will work with you to establish the best estimate each year. This Level 2 service is available for BASIS-24 and PoC-IP and PoC-OP. Please contact McLean eBASIS for pricing.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Reports include comparison and control charts, allowing an organization to compare its results to the previous quarter's results as well as to a benchmark, which compare an organization's results to other organizations across the country using that particular tool. The cost for analysis and reporting services depends on the number of measures selected, the number of reports needed, and the method of data entry. This Level 3 service is available for all measures. Please call McLean eBASIS for a quote for services tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

The Joint Commission/CMS Transmission

The cost for analysis and reporting services and transmission of HBIPS data to The Joint Commission and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services depends on which entity requires the transmission and the method of data entry. This is the Level 4 service. Please call McLean eBASIS for a quote for services tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

Sample Reports

Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report