The 24-item Behavior and Symptom Identification Scale, BASIS-24®, is a leading behavioral health assessment tool. The BASIS-24® identifies a wide range of symptoms and problems that occur across the diagnostic spectrum. Grounded in the latest scientific methods of survey development and validation, the BASIS-24® underwent extensive field testing as part of a multiyear research and development process. BASIS-24® is validated in both Spanish and English.

The 24 questions are scored using a weighted average algorithm that gives an overall score and scores for six subscales for the following domains of psychiatric and substance abuse symptoms and functioning: Depression and Functioning, Relationships, Self-Harm, Emotional Lability, Psychosis, and Substance Abuse.

The BASIS-24® is designed for use by mental health providers, researchers, purchasers of mental health services, accreditation agencies, and internal quality assurance departments to measure the change in consumer self-reported symptom and problem difficulty over the course of treatment. The BASIS-24®'s predecessor, (BASIS-32®), a 32-item assessment tool, was modified to make the BASIS-24® more succinct, more reliable, and readable at a lower grade level. Validated and found reliable in inpatient, residential, and outpatient settings, BASIS-24® assesses treatment outcomes from the patient perspective.

Typically, BASIS-24® is given at admission and discharge for inpatient or residential programs, and at intake/initiation of treatment and then periodically thereafter in partial hospital or ambulatory/outpatient care settings. The responses to questions indicate how patients feel before and after receiving care.

BASIS-24® Levels of Service

The BASIS-24® is a copyrighted survey available with three levels of service. A user can...

  • Level One: License the survey and use the scoring formula provided to do scoring independently
  • Level Two: License the survey and also add the WebScore scoring and reporting option (desktop or tablet) or
  • Level Three: License the survey and subscribe to the comprehensive eBASIS quarterly reports

Click here for more information on eBASIS levels of service.

BASIS-24® Survey

The BASIS-24® is provided here for your review only. Use of BASIS-24® requires an end-user license approved by McLean Hospital. Click BASIS-24® to view a copy of the questionnaire.