About Our Services

With McLean BASIS plus you can build a quality improvement program with the confidence needed in measurement results. McLean BASIS plus enables you to use the nationally recognized BASIS surveys, and other reliable quality measures, including our Perception of Care survey and our psychiatric CORE measure reporting capabilities, to build a comprehensive and meaningful outcomes measurement and quality improvement program.

McLean BASIS plus provides the quality measures and results needed to meet accreditation requirements, satisfy insurers and, most importantly, deliver high quality behavioral and psychiatric health care to the community you serve.

McLean BASIS plus provides the information needed to:

  • Evaluate program and clinical effectiveness from the patient perspective;
  • Compare outcomes to other organizations;
  • Improve feedback to clinicians and administrators;
  • Strengthen patient and consumer relationships;
  • Target areas of care for quality improvement efforts;
  • Make decisions about program structure and content, staff training, and clinical care;
  • Improve overall organizational effectiveness and clinical effectiveness; and
  • Transmit results to The Joint Commission.